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        Galvanized Service

Galvanzed Service

Galvanizing refers to the metal, alloy or other materials in the surface of a layer of zinc to play a beautiful, rust-proof role of surface treatment technology. Galvanizing process mainly includes hot galvanizing and cold galvanizing.
  Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Pipe Pre Galvanized Steel Pipe
Steel Pipe Thickness 1.2mm-10mm 0.5-2.3mm
Zinc Coating average 200g/m2 to 500g/m2 ( 30um - 70um ) average 30g/m2 to 200g/m2 ( 5 t-30 microns )
Advantage even coating, strong adhesion, good sealing, and long lifespan smooth surface, bright color, and thin coating
Usage widely used in Low-pressure fluid transportation for water, heating steam, municipal construction, petrochemical, shipbuilding and other fields. structural building, furniture manufacturing and other fields.

        Painting Service

Painting Service

Paint is a kind of chemical mixture coating which can be used for protection, decoration, marking and other special purposes. The material can be coated on the surface of the object by different construction techniques to form a solid film with strong adhesion, certain strength and continuity. The film thus formed is commonly known as the coating film, also known as the paint film or coating. Coating the surface of the object to form a protective film can prevent or delay the occurrence and development of these destructive phenomena, so that a variety of materials to extend the service life.

3PE Service

3PE anticorrosion is a three-layer structure polyethylene anticorrosion coating, which is composed of outer polyethylene, intermediate adhesive, inner layer and epoxy powder to form an organic high-performance anticorrosion coating, is the mainstream pipeline anticorrosion process. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance and rust resistance, it can effectively protect the inner wall of the pipeline from corrosion and corrosion while conveying the more complex chemical property liquids and gases, thus extending the service life of the steel pipe.

Oil Service

Anti-rust oil is a reddish brown appearance with anti-rust function of the oil solvent. It consists of oil-soluble corrosion inhibitor, base oil and auxiliary additives. In order to avoid rust and reduce loss, people use a variety of methods, with anti-rust oil to protect metal fasteners, is one of the most common protection methods.

Power Coating Service

A surface treatment method in which plastic powder is sprayed on a part. It has the advantages of no need of rare materials, no pollution to the environment and no toxicity to human body, excellent coating appearance quality, strong adhesion and mechanical strength, short curing time during spraying, and much higher corrosion and wear resistance of the coating.
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