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  • Welding Service
    Welding is through heating, pressure, or both, with or without welding materials, so that the two pieces of mutual diffusion of atoms, forming a metallurgical combination of processing technology and connection.
  • Punching Service
    The common drilling methods are drill bit drilling, Electrical discharge machining drilling, laser drilling, etc. .
    1, drill hole, suitable for drilling large holes, diameter of more than 2mm hole, and the drill is easy to break, product rejection rate is high.
    2, Electrical discharge machining, punch in 0.2 mm or more, the acceleration is very slow.
    3, laser drilling, can punch 0.06 or more holes, the speed is faster.
  • Cutting Service

    The laser cutting process uses the energy released when the laser beam irradiates the surface of the steel plate to make the stainless steel melt and evaporate.



  • Threaded Service

    There are two kinds of process, BSP and NPT.
    The BSP is the standard for tapered pipe threads, while the NPT thread is a US standard 60-degree tapered pipe thread.
    The profile angle of BSP thread is 55 ° and that of NPT thread is 60 ° .



  • Grooved Service

    Galvanized steel pipe pressure groove specifications generally include the following aspects:
    1. Pressure slot position: pressure slot position should meet the design requirements, and with the pipe joint space must not be less than 2 times the diameter of the pipe.
    2. Groove depth: groove depth should meet the design requirements, generally 1/3 to 1/2 of the diameter of the pipe.
    3. Pressure groove length: pressure groove length should meet the design requirements, generally about 2 times the diameter of the pipe.
    4. Groove width: groove width should meet the design requirements, generally 1/3 to 1/2 of pipe diameter.
    5. Groove Shape: groove shape should meet the design requirements, generally U-shaped or v-shaped.
    6. Pressure Groove Angle: pressure groove angle should meet the design requirements, generally 90 degrees or 120 degrees.
    7. Pressure groove surface: pressure groove surface should be smooth, no cracks, burrs and other defects.
    8. Zinc coating thickness: the zinc coating after the trough should meet the requirements of the relevant standards, generally more than 65um.



  • Bevelled Service

    International Standards: ASME B16.25-2017 provides for steel seamless and welded pipe fittings of the standby hot end and slope angle requirements, generally 30 degrees slope angle.



  • Marking Service
    According to customer requirements can provide a variety of identification services.
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