Wholesale Building Material Hot Rolled Low Carbon Galvanized Wire
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Wholesale Building Material Hot Rolled Low Carbon Galvanized Wire

Galvanized iron wire is a type of wire that has been coated with a layer of zinc. This coating provides the wire with enhanced corrosion resistance, making it suitable for various applications, including fencing, construction, and agriculture.
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Galvanized iron wire, also known as galvanized steel wire, is a highly versatile material used across various industries. It is produced by coating a layer of zinc onto the surface of the iron wire through a process known as galvanization, which significantly improves its corrosion resistance and durability.

One popular method of galvanization is Hot Dip Galvanized Wire production, where the wire is submerged in molten zinc to achieve a thick, robust coating. This process ensures that the wire has excellent protection against rust and corrosion, making it ideal for outdoor and harsh environmental applications.

Good Quality Galvanized Wire is characterized by its high tensile strength, ensuring that it can withstand significant stress without deforming or breaking. High Tensile Strength Galvanized Wire is particularly important in applications where the wire must maintain its integrity under heavy loads or tension.

Galvanized iron wire comes in various gauges, including common sizes like 12, 16, and 18 Gauge Electro Galvanized Wire. Electro galvanization involves forming the zinc coating through an electrochemical process, which provides a smooth and uniform finish that is slightly thinner than hot-dipped coatings but still offers adequate protection for many applications.

For cost-conscious consumers and projects, Low Price Galvanized Wire options are available, providing a balance between quality and affordability. Despite the lower cost, these wires still offer the essential benefits of galvanization, making them a practical choice for a wide range of uses.

In the construction industry, galvanized iron wire is an essential Building Material. Carbon Galvanized Wire China Supplier products are frequently used for reinforcing concrete structures, such as bridges and buildings, to provide additional strength and stability. The corrosion resistance of the zinc coating ensures the longevity and integrity of these structures, even in corrosive environments.

Agriculture also benefits from the use of galvanized iron wire, particularly in the creation of wire fences for livestock enclosures and crop protection. The Zinc Coated Galvanized Wire is designed to resist the elements and maintain its strength over time, ensuring that agricultural fences remain effective and durable.

Additionally, galvanized iron wire is utilized in various industrial and commercial applications, such as the manufacturing of wire mesh, wire ropes, and cables. The zinc coating enhances the wire's resistance to wear and tear, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications where reliability is paramount.

In conclusion, galvanized iron wire, including Hot Dip Galvanized Wire and Electro Galvanized Wire, is a durable and reliable material with excellent corrosion resistance. Its high tensile strength and quality make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from construction and agriculture to industrial uses. With offerings from Building Material Carbon Galvanized Wire China Supplier, customers have access to both Good Quality Galvanized Wire and Low Price Galvanized Wire options, ensuring that there is a galvanized wire product available to meet the needs of any project.


Type Hot-dip galvanized iron wire, Electro galvanized iron wire
1)Hot-dip galvanized iron wire Hot-dip galvanized iron wire is made with choice low carbon steel wire, through wire drawing, acid washing and rust removing, annealing and coiling. It's mainly used in construction, handicrafts, woven wire mesh, express way fencing mesh, packaging of products and other daily uses.
Size range: BWG 8-BWG 36
Zinc coat: 30-280g/m2
Tensile strength: 350-550N/mm2
Elongation: 10%
Packing: 1-500kgs/coil, coil with plastic cloth inside and hessian outside or weave outside
2)Electro galvanized iron wire Electro galvanized iron wire is made with choice mild steel, through wire drawing, wire galvanizing and other processes. Electro galvanized iron wire has the characteristics of thick zinc coating, good corrosion resistance, firm zinc coating, etc. It's mainly used in construction, express way fencing, binding of flowers and wire mesh weaving.
Size range: BWG 8-BWG 36
Zinc coat: 10-25g/m2
Tensile strength: 350-550N/mm2
Elongation: 10%
Packing: 1-500kgs/coil, coil with plastic film inside and hessian cloth outside or weave cloth outside

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