Square Hollow Section ERW Steel Pipe galvanised pipes Steel Gi Steel Hot Rolled Structure Tube
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Square Hollow Section ERW Steel Pipe galvanised pipes Steel Gi Steel Hot Rolled Structure Tube

Section Shape rectangular
Surface Treatment bare ,oil
Tolerance ±5%, ±10%
Standard JIS
Technique ERW
Thickness 1.5-50mm
Length 12M, 6m, 6.4M
Certificate CE, Bsi, JIS, GS, ISO9001


Product Description

With an annual output of 10 million tons, Yuantai Derun stands as the largest manufacturer of ERW square pipe, rectangular pipe, hollow pipe, galvanized pipe, and spiral welded pipe in China, boasting annual sales of $5 billion. The company operates 59 black ERW pipe production lines, 10 galvanized pipe production lines, 3 spiral welded pipe production lines, and 1 JCOE LSAW steel pipe production line, specializing in a wide range of products including Square & Rectangular Steel Hot Rolled Pipe and Hot Dip Galvanized Square Rectangular Steel Pipe. Their square pipe range from 10 * 10 * 0.5mm to 1000 * 1000 * 60MM, and rectangular steel pipe from 10 * 15 * 0.5mm to 800 * 1100 * 60MM, with spiral pipe Ø 219-1420mm made of yield strength from Q (s) 195 MPa to Q (s) 690 MPa.

Yuantai Derun's product portfolio is enriched by the High-Quality Square Rectangular Steel Hot Rolled Pipe, including ASTM A53 Material Square Rectangular Steel Pipe and Pre-galvanized Square Rectangular Steel Hot Rolled Pipe. These products are manufactured according to ASTM A500/A501, JIS G3466, EN10219, EN10210, BV, DIN2240, and AS1163, GB/T9711, GB/T3091, GB/T3094, GB/T6728 standards. Their mills are certified by BC1, EPD, PHD, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, marking their commitment to quality and environmental stewardship.

The Welded Square Rectangular Hot Rolled Tube and Pre-galvanized Square Steel Hot Rolled Tube offerings from Yuantai Derun highlight their expertise in creating durable, high-quality products such as the Good Quality Rectangular Square Steel Hot Rolled Pipe. Moreover, they provide Cheap Price Square Rectangular Steel Hot Rolled Pipe without compromising on quality, ensuring Durable Square Rectangular Steel Hot Rolled Pipe options for their clientele. Yuantai Derun boasts the largest steel pipe inventory in China, ready to meet the urgent purchasing demands of customers with a promise of quality and affordability. The company warmly welcomes everyone to contact Yuantai Derun and visit their factory, either online or offline, to witness their manufacturing prowess firsthand.

Product name
galvanized Steel Hollow Section China Manufacturer Yuantaiderun
Gr.A, Gr.B, Gr.C,S275J0H,S355JR,S355J0H,S355J2H,A36,SS400,Q195,Q235,Q345
Surface treatment
square or rectangular or round
3-12M according to client requirement
OD(outer diameter)
square 10*10-1000*1000mm rectangular:10*15 800*1100mm Round:10.3mm-609mm
5 Tons
CE,LEED,BV,PHD&EPD,BC1,EN10210,EN10219,ISO9000,ASTMA500,ASTM A501,AS1163,JIS G3466
Hollow section: ASTM A500,ASTM A501,EN10219, EN10210,JIS G3466,GB/T6728,GB/T3094,GB/T3091
Delivery Time
7-30 Days
Payment method

Product Details

The square pipe is divided into seamless and welded seams, and the seamless square pipe is extruded from the seamless round pipe. Common square pipes are welded or non-welded. Square tube is the strip steel through the process of rolling, generally the strip is unpacked, flat, crimped, welded to form a round tube, and then rolled from the round tube into a square tube and cut to the required length.

Square tube As the name suggests, it is a kind of square shape of the tube, a variety of materials can form a square tube body, its medium in, what to use, where to use, most of the square tube to the majority, after unpacking, leveling, crimping, welding to form a round tube, and then rolled by the round tube into a square tube and then cut into the required length. Generally, 50 square pipes per package are in stock with large specifications mostly in 10*10*0.8-1.5~~500*500*10-25, and square pipes are divided into structural square pipes, decorative square pipes, construction square pipes, mechanical square pipes, etc.

Square pipe is a hollow square cross-section of light thin-wall steel pipe, also known as steel cooling curved profile. It is made of Q235 hot rolled or cold rolled strip or coil as the base material by cold bending processing and then high frequency welding made of square section shape and size of the section steel. In addition to the thickening of the wall, the corner size and the flatness of the edge of the hot rolled special thick wall square pipe reach or even exceed the level of the resistance welding cold formed square pipe.

Product Application

Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is widely used in construction, machinery, coal mine, chemical industry, electric power, railway vehicles, automobile industry, highway, bridge, container, sports facilities, agricultural machinery, petroleum machinery,exploration machinery and other manufacturing industries. Galvanized steel pipes are divided into hot-dip galvanized steel pipes and cold galvanized steel pipes. Hot dip galvanizing has the advantages of uniform coating, strong adhesion and long service life. Complex physical and chemical reactions occur between the matrix of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe and the molten bath to form a compact zinc-iron alloy layer with corrosion resistance. The alloy layer is integrated with the pure zinc layer and the steel tube matrix, so its corrosion resistance is strong. Cold galvanized steel pipe is electric galvanized, galvanized amount is little, cold galvanized steel pipe galvanized layer is electroplating, zinc layer and steel pipe matrix independent stratification. Zinc layer is thin, zinc layer is simply attached to the steel tube matrix, easy to fall off. So its corrosion resistance is poor. It is prohibited to use cold galvanized steel pipes as water supply pipes in newly built houses.

Packing: wooden case packing, carton packing, packing belt strapping.

Mode of transport: land transport, sea transport, air transport.
Delivery time: normal 8-14 days.
Ports: Qingdao, Shanghai, Tianjin
In order to prevent the products from being damaged during the transportation process, we do the following measures:
1, safety and reliability: Safety and reliability is the first principle of transportation program design, for this reason, the use of scientific analysis and theoretical calculation of the method of loading, bundle reinforcement, transportation implementation and other program design, to ensure that the program design is scientific, the data is accurate and true, the operation and implementation are foolproof.
2. Practical operability: In the process of preparation and approval of transportation plan, scientific assessment of various possible risks is carried out to ensure that loading, road transportation and other operations can be carried out smoothly, so as to establish the actual operability of this plan.
3, efficient and rapid: fully consider the transportation distance, component size specifications and weight, fully mobilize the enterprise's equipment, human resources, combined with the successful experience of similar project transportation, as far as possible to compress the transportation time, efficient completion of transportation tasks.

Feedback and Service

This is a friend who bought carbon steel square pipe in our company. Due to the increase of orders related to the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, we remind the customer that in order to avoid the waiting time of this friend, it is recommended to place an order in advance, and briefly introduce the traditional Chinese festival - Dragon Boat Festival and the arrangement of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday to this friend. After the discussion, the customer said that he understood and placed the order on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, so the factory arranged the production out of the warehouse and was very happy that it did not delay the customer's time and won the customer's trust and affirmation of our company!

Q:Can I send samples?
A:Of course, we can send samples all over the world. Our samples are free, but the customers have to pay for the express delivery.

Q:What ports of shipment do the goods depart from?
A:We ship from Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Ningbo ports, customers can specify the shipping port.

Q:Can we visit your factory?
A:Warmly welcome. Once we have your schedule, we will arrange the professional sales team to follow up your case.

Q:Is carbon steel expensive?

A:Though susceptible to rust unlike stainless steel, carbon steel is often cheaper and has its own varying mechanical properties based on carbon content. Low-carbon steels are weaker and softer, but can be machined and welded easily; while high-carbon steel is stronger, but significantly harder to process.

Q:What is the cheapest grade of steel?

A:Mild steel is generally the least expensive steel due to its lower alloy content than other steel types. The average price per ton ranges from $600-$800 depending on grade, availability, size and supplier.

Q:Which grade steel is best?

A:Most stainless steel ordered around the world is Grade 304. It offers the standard corrosion resistance, formability, strength, and easy maintenance for which stainless is known. While 316 comes in second in terms of quantities sold, it offers vastly superior corrosion resistance to chlorides and acids.

Providing high-quality steel products for 10 years , successfully developing over 50+ international markets and continuously developed more high-quality customers.As long as confirming our quality problem , implement the principle of 100% refund and compensation after receiving cargo, ensure the safety of customer funds, ensure customers achieve secure procurement

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