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Manufacturer Iron Rod Building Material Deformed Steel Bar Steel Rebars for Sale Reinforcement Steel Bar


Rebar, also known as reinforcing bar or reinforcement steel, is a vital component in construction and civil engineering projects. It is a steel bar or mesh of steel wires used to reinforce concrete structures and improve their strength and durability.


The primary function of rebar is to provide additional tensile strength to concrete, which is otherwise weak in tension. Concrete has excellent compressive strength, but it tends to crack and fail when subjected to tensile forces. By adding rebar to concrete, the composite material becomes much stronger and more resistant to bending, shearing, and breaking.


Rebar is available in various sizes and shapes, including round, square, and deformed. The deformed bars have ridges or deformations on their surface, which enhance the bond between the steel and the concrete. This increased bond prevents slippage and ensures better load transfer between the two materials.


In construction projects, rebar is typically placed in a grid-like pattern within the concrete to create a reinforced concrete structure. The bars are strategically positioned to bear the anticipated loads and stresses, such as those from the weight of a building or the impact of seismic activity. The design and placement of rebar are crucial to ensure the structural integrity and safety of the concrete structure.


Rebar is commonly used in various construction applications, including foundations, columns, beams, slabs, walls, and bridges. It is also used in infrastructure projects like highways, tunnels, and dams. Additionally, rebar can be used in precast concrete elements, such as precast walls and precast slabs, to enhance their strength and durability.


In conclusion, rebar plays a vital role in construction projects by reinforcing concrete structures and improving their strength and durability. Its ability to withstand tensile forces makes it an essential component in creating safe and long-lasting buildings and infrastructure.



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A:We have thousands of products, and every month we will make out many new items, so updating is very fast. Could you please provide us your request so we can recommend to you accordingly?

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A:Yes, we can go with your custom design, no matter small or big qty, however, please understand the cost will be different.

Q:How about the product test?
A:Based on the pipe standard, the pipes will be tested by hydrostatic test , X-ray inspection and full body UT test , after manufacture and heat treatment.

Q:How does your company do regarding quality control?
A:BV and SGS certificates, production process followed the ISO 9000 system.

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A:We will follow the order one year,if any problem,can contact us.

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