Hot Sale Galvanized Steel Springboard Outdoor Scaffolding Ladder Plank With Hook
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Hot Sale Galvanized Steel Springboard Outdoor Scaffolding Ladder Plank With Hook

Product Name: Scaffolding Steel Plank
Surface: Galvanized
Material: Q195, Q235, Q345

Scaffolding steel planks, also known as scaffolding springboards, are a crucial component used in construction projects to provide a secure and stable platform for workers at elevated heights. These durable scaffolding steel planks, including the perforated metal scaffolding steel plank and those equipped with hooks, are manufactured in a steel springboard factory to ensure high quality and reliability.

Made from high-quality steel, these scaffolding steel planks are designed to withstand heavy loads and provide a safe surface for workers to stand on while performing tasks. They are available in various lengths and widths, including the Good Price Scaffolding Steel Plank option, to accommodate different scaffold configurations.

Equipped with non-slip surfaces, these steel planks prevent accidents and ensure worker safety, even in wet or slippery conditions. Their resistance to corrosion and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions make them ideal for outdoor construction projects.

Easy to install and securely connecting to the scaffolding frame, these steel planks provide a reliable and sturdy platform for workers to move freely and carry out their tasks efficiently. As a discount steel springboard factory, regular inspections are conducted to ensure the integrity and compliance of the scaffolding steel planks with safety standards.

In short, scaffolding steel planks are an indispensable component in construction, providing a reliable and durable platform for workers to safely work at elevated heights. Their high-quality steel construction, non-slip surfaces, and availability in various configurations make them indispensable. Whether it's the Good Price Scaffolding Steel Plank, perforated metal scaffolding steel plank, or with hook scaffolding steel plank, these options cater to different project needs, all manufactured with care in an OEM galvanized steel springboard factory.

As part of the industry, galvanized steel springboard manufacturers play a crucial role in delivering high-quality products. In China, numerous galvanized steel springboard manufacturers offer a variety of options, including discount galvanized steel springboards. These manufacturers ensure the production of high-quality galvanized steel springboard products, meeting the diverse requirements of construction projects.

Furthermore, the steel springboard factory, whether it's a galvanized steel springboard factory or a general steel springboard factory, focuses on manufacturing top-notch products. They offer various steel springboard products and services, catering to different project needs. Additionally, China hosts numerous galvanized steel springboard factories, highlighting the country's prowess in manufacturing these essential construction components.

1.Metal Plank

Types Width Height Thickness Length
210 210 mm 45 mm 1.1-2.0 mm 500-4000 mm
225 225 mm 38 mm
240 240 mm 45 mm
250A 250 mm 40 mm
250B 250 mm 50 mm
300 300 mm 50 mm
230 230 mm 63 mm
240 240 mm 63 mm
2.Metal Plank With Hook

Description Width Height Thickness Length
Steel plank with hook 225 mm 63 mm 1.5-2.0 mm 730-3070 mm
Steel plank with hook 230 mm
Steel plank with hook 240 mm

Types Width Height Thickness Length
420 420 mm 45 mm 1.1-2.0 mm 1000-2500 mm
450 450 mm 45 mm
480 480 mm 45 mm
500 500 mm 50 mm
225 225 mm 38 mm




Prodcution Process


Prodcut Feature


Packing and Shipping



Q:May I customize the steel pipe?

A:Sure you can, we can produce according to your requirement, you can send the CAD or design drawing.

Q:Any value-added Services?

A:Fottunately for you,we are very experience in this industry. We have equipped our warehouse with the

necessities to perform in-housepainting,coating,pipe cutting, etc.

Q:How manys days can you delivery after confriming order ?

A:If we have stock ,we can shipping within 5-7 days . If customized ,usually within 30 days with normal size .

Specially sizes need to confirm with factory.

Q:What is your payment?

A:1.30%TT deposit, 70% balance against with BL copy .

  2.100% LC at sight /45 days or 60 days LC

Q:What is the product's warranty ?

A:As long as you received our cargo within 1 years, you have any problem ,pls feedback to us .After cnofirming

our quality cause ,we will resend new pipes or give reasonable compensation for you.

Providing high-quality steel products for 10 years , successfully developing over 50+ international markets and continuously developed more high-quality customers.As long as confirming our quality problem , implement the principle of 100% refund and compensation after receiving cargo, ensure the safety of customer funds, ensure customers achieve secure procurement

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