Good Price Trade Assurance Zinc Coated Rectangular Tube
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Good Price Trade Assurance Zinc Coated Rectangular Tube

Product name: Rectangular Tube
Material: Carbon Steel
Type: Welded
MOQ: 10Ton
Place of Origin: China
Production Capacity: 10000t/Months
  • 730661000

Galvanized square tubes and rectangular tubes, also known as Hollow Section Rectangular Tubes, are widely utilized in various industries for both structural and decorative purposes. These steel tubes have been coated with a layer of zinc, which enhances their corrosion resistance and overall durability.

The primary advantage of these galvanized tubes is their resistance to rust and corrosion. The zinc coating serves as a protective barrier, effectively preventing the steel from being exposed to moisture and oxygen, the leading causes of rust. This characteristic makes galvanized tubes, including the Welded Rectangular Tube, suitable for a multitude of indoor and outdoor applications, where they may face harsh environmental conditions.

In the realm of construction, Good Quality Rectangular Steel Tube is a staple for structural applications. These tubes are integral to building robust frames, support columns, and roof trusses, offering essential strength and stability to structures. The corrosion resistance provided by the zinc coating ensures the longevity and structural integrity of these constructions, even in corrosive environments.

Beyond their structural capabilities, galvanized square and rectangular tubes are also favored in the manufacturing of furniture and decorative items. The versatility of the Carbon Steel Rectangular Tube shape allows for creative design options, and the zinc coating not only improves their aesthetic appeal but also guards against rust, making them a prime choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture and decor.

Additionally, the Zinc Coating Square Rectangular Tube is a common material in the agricultural and transportation sectors. These tubes are employed in crafting fences, gates, and livestock enclosures, offering durability and security. In transportation, they are essential for constructing trailers, truck beds, and other structures that must endure heavy loads and challenging conditions.

The High Quality Zinc Color Coated Rectangular Tube is particularly notable for its visual appeal and protective properties. For those in need of bulk supplies, the Zinc Coated Rectangular Tube Wholesale market provides ample opportunities to source these materials at competitive prices, ensuring that projects can benefit from the Strength Zinc Coated Rectangular Tube without incurring excessive costs.

In conclusion, galvanized square and rectangular tubes, including the Hollow Section Rectangular Tube and Welded Rectangular Tube, are versatile, durable, and highly resistant to corrosion. Their zinc coating is key to their longevity and reliability, making them indispensable in construction, furniture making, agriculture, and transportation industries. The Zinc Coated Rectangular Tube Wholesale options further make these materials accessible for a wide array of applications.


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Q:What is your payment?
A:1. 30%TT deposit, 70% balance against with BL copy .
 2. 100% LC at sight /45 days or 60 days LC

Q:What is the product's warranty ?
A:As long as you received our cargo within 1 years, you have any problem ,pls feedback to us .After
cnofirming our quality cause ,we will resend new pipes or give reasonable compensation for you.

Q:Can I have a trail order ?
A:Of course ,we are gald to make a trail order to show our quality and service . Getting your satification ,
we can try more cooperation .

Q:Can I have a vist ?
A:Welcome your visiting ,we can communicate and exchange market information to develop more business.

Q:How many coutries you already exported ?
A:Exported to more than 50 countries mainly from America, Russia, UK, Kuwait, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, etc.

Providing high-quality steel products for 10 years , successfully developing over 50+ international markets and continuously developed more high-quality customers.As long as confirming our quality problem , implement the principle of 100% refund and compensation after receiving cargo, ensure the safety of customer funds, ensure customers achieve secure procurement

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