Factory Direct Supply Pre-Galvanzied H Frame Scaffolding Frame
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Factory Direct Supply Pre-Galvanzied H Frame Scaffolding Frame

Product Name: Scaffolding Frame
Surface: Galvanized, HDG, Painted
Material: Q195, Q235, Q345

A scaffolding frame is a crucial element in construction projects that provides a temporary structure for workers to access elevated areas safely. It consists of interconnected vertical and horizontal tubes, typically made of steel or aluminum, ensuring strength and durability. Scaffolding frames come in various types, including the Conventional Scaffolding Frame, which is widely used due to its versatility and ease of assembly.

For projects requiring a cost-effective solution, the Good Price Scaffolding Frame is a popular choice among contractors. These frames offer the necessary support and stability without compromising on quality or safety. The Regular Size Scaffolding Frame is another option that caters to standard industry needs, providing a reliable and consistent setup for various construction tasks.

To enhance durability and resist corrosion, the Galvanized Scaffolding Frame is treated with a protective zinc coating. This type of frame is especially beneficial in harsh weather conditions or environments where rust could be a concern. For added functionality, the Ladder Scaffolding Frame incorporates rungs or steps, allowing workers to climb the scaffolding structure itself without the need for separate ladders.

In addition to these options, the Factory Direct Supply Mason Scaffolding Frame is designed specifically for masonry work. The mason frame scaffolding is robust and often features wider spans to accommodate the heavy materials used in masonry. This specialized frame is a staple in the construction of brick or block walls.

The adaptability of scaffolding frames is further exemplified by the inclusion of platforms, such as wooden planks or metal decks, providing a stable working surface. Regular inspections and maintenance are necessary to ensure the continued performance of all scaffolding components, including the Good Price Scaffolding Frame, Conventional Scaffolding Frame, Regular Size Scaffolding Frame, Galvanized Scaffolding Frame, and Ladder Scaffolding Frame.

In summary, scaffolding frames, whether it's a Good Price Scaffolding Frame for budget-conscious projects, a Galvanized Scaffolding Frame for long-lasting performance, or a Factory Direct Supply Mason Scaffolding Frame for specialized masonry work, are essential components that enable workers to perform tasks at elevated heights securely and efficiently.

Product Name Description Tube Size Size Unit Weight
Main Frame Scaffolding Pre-galvanized Main tube: 42*2.2mm  Inner Tube: 25*1.5mm 1219*1930mm 15.24 kg/pc
1219*1700mm 13.75 kg/pc
1219*1524mm 12.44 kg/pc
H Frame Scaffolding Pre-galvanized Main tube: 42*2.2mm  Inner Tube: 25*1.5mm 1219*1930mm 16.05 kg/pc
1219*1700mm 14.21 kg/pc
1219*1524mm 12.74 kg/pc
Cross Brace Pre-galvanized 21.3*1.4mm 1829*1219*2198mm 3.08 kg/pc
1829*914*2045mm 2.87 kg/pc
1219*1219*1724mm 2.43 kg/pc
Joint Pin Pre-galvanized 36*1.5*225mm 0.34 kg/pc
36*1.2*225mm 0.29 kg/pc
36*1.0*225mm 0.25 kg/pc




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Packing and Shipping



Q:Can we visit your factory?

A:Warmly welcome. Once we have your schedule, we will arrange the professional sales team to follow up your case.

Q:Can we purchase special size of our own need ?

A:Yes, if you need to customize other size, we can change the length, width,color or other properties according

to your requirement.

Q:How to get accurate price / quotation from you?

A:Please kindly tell us below details and we'll send our quotation to you ASAP:

  1) Pipe's outer diameter

  2) Wall thickness    

  3) Section Shape (round, square etc.)

  4) Length for each pipe      

  5) Steel grade  

  6) Standard (e.g.: API 5L)

  7) Order quantity  

  8) Designation port (BK, BKW etc.)  

  9) Trade Terms

  In all, the more detailed information, the more exact price we quote.

Q:Can you arrange the shipment?

A:Sure, we have permanent freight forwarder who can gain the best price from most ship company and offer

professional service.

Q:What is the product's warranty ?

A:As long as you received our cargo within 1 years, you have any problem ,pls feedback to us .After cnofirming

our quality cause ,we will resend new pipes or give reasonable compensation for you.

Providing high-quality steel products for 10 years , successfully developing over 50+ international markets and continuously developed more high-quality customers.As long as confirming our quality problem , implement the principle of 100% refund and compensation after receiving cargo, ensure the safety of customer funds, ensure customers achieve secure procurement

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