Differences between Zinc Plating and Aluminum Zinc Plating
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Differences between Zinc Plating and Aluminum Zinc Plating

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Differences between Zinc Plating and Aluminum Zinc Plating

1.Usage different

The main uses are different, galvanized sheet, mainly used in: construction industry is mainly used in industrial and civil building roofing, roof grille and other anti-corrosion materials production. Light industry uses it to produce household appliances shell, civil chimneys, kitchenware and so on, automobile industry uses it to produce corrosion-resistant car parts and so on. Agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries are mainly used for food storage and transportation, meat and aquatic products frozen processing equipment and other production. Commercial use is mainly used for the storage and transport of materials, packaging equipment. Galvanized Aluminum Plate main uses, construction area: roof, walls, garage, soundproof wall, pipes, composite housing, etc. . Automobile: exhaust pipe, wiper fittings, fuel tank, freight car, etc. . Household appliances: refrigerator backboard, gas stove, air conditioning, electronic microwave oven, liquid crystal display, CRT explosion-proof tape, LED backlight, gas cabinet and other agricultural: Pig House, Chicken House, barn, greenhouse pipes. Others: heat insulation cover, heat exchanger, dryer, thermometer, etc. .

2. Ingredients different

The hot-dip galvanizing coating with different components and aluminum-zinc-aluminum alloy contrast, physical properties to be active, so the corrosion resistance gap is larger. Under the same outdoor standard, the service life of aluminum-coated galvanized sheet is more than four times as long as that of hot-coated galvanized sheet. The structure of al-zn alloy of aluminum-galvanized steel sheet is composed of 55% Al, 43.4% Zn and 1.6% si dry-solidified at 600 ° C, thus a strong and reasonable barrier to avoid penetration of erosion factors.

3. Characteristics  different

Aluminum-coated galvanized sheet and galvanized sheet their thermal reflectivity is relatively good, in general it is aluminum-coated galvanized sheet and galvanized sheet can reflect heat to heat insulation. Comparatively speaking, the reflectivity of aluminum-coated galvanized sheet is better than that of galvanized sheet. The density of aluminum-coated zinc sheet is relatively small, because its coating on the change of zinc into aluminum, aluminum density than zinc to be small, then the relative density of aluminum-coated zinc sheet than galvanized sheet to be small. Also because of this, galvanized aluminum sheet than galvanized sheet more economic, lower prices.

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